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The Dementia Handbook is now available at Amazon

The Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at HomeThe Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at Home is now available for purchase (as a hard copy or Kindle version). Purchase The Dementia Handbook at

Providing dementia care is profoundly stressful for families and caregivers. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s experience emotional distress, which leads to behavioral complications and the need for institutional care. However, if families and caregivers are able to identify the emotional needs caused by dementia and understand which skills are lost and which remain, they can lower the behavioral complications and their own stress.

As the founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network® (DAWN), Judy Cornish approaches dementia care with clear and empathetic methods that not only improve the lives of the individuals with dementia but also of those caring for them.


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