What We Do

The magic of DAWN dementia care

Here at Palouse Dementia Care, we do something very special. We use the DAWN® Method to meet our clients’ emotional needs, so they can develop a sense of security and wellbeing even though they have dementia. Whether they were once housewives, professors, ranchers, or scientists, we’ve found that although they lose their rational functions, they are able to live intuitively—enjoying emotions, beauty, and everything their senses bring to them in the present moment. Using the DAWN Method makes it possible to really help someone who has dementia. We watch our clients become more relaxed and happy. They are able to stay home longer, with fewer behavior problems, and their families experience less stress and expense. We’d love to share our method with you.

Contact us

Palouse Dementia Care provides consultation, training in the DAWN® Method, and certified DAWN dementia care here on the Palouse in northern Idaho. Please contact us by phone, 208.874.4387 or email, info@palousedementiacare.com. Our geriatric care managers can help you better understand dementia, care options here on the Palouse, and how to live or work with someone who has dementia. We look forward to working with you and your family.