Consult with an expert

Meeting the needs of someone who is experiencing the gradual decline of dementia is complicated. Knowing what services are available, Medicare and Medicaid options, and how to put together a care plan takes knowledge and experience. A geriatric care manager is the specialist you need.

Contact Palouse Dementia Care to set up a time to talk with dementia care manager Laura Moore. She can help you understand the options available for dementia care and senior care on the Palouse.

Create a dementia care plan

When someone is experiencing dementia, it’s important that their family and companions understand how dementia will progress and affect their functioning. Palouse Dementia Care helps families understand dementia, educates them about the services available for seniors on the Palouse, and works with them to design and put in place safe alternatives to care homes, nursing homes, and assisted living units.

Both accidents at home and moves into care are costly, not just in dollars but also in quality of life and comfort. Help your loved one age in place safely with trained dementia care specialists.