Our Clients

You may have noticed that there are no pictures of our clients on our website, only professional photos—because our clients’ privacy is dear to us. If you meet us around town with our clients, we’ll introduce ourselves as friends because they face daily reminders that they are slowly but surely losing self-knowledge and their ability to care for themselves. We ask you to help us preserve their privacy and dignity. Then, when you join us in conversation, listen carefully and you’ll notice our special technique for helping our clients take part and avoid embarrassment.

Our clients accomplished great things in their lives when they were younger and able to celebrate life more fully. Here are a few snaps from their earlier days, and comments from their friends and families.


Old photo of a client

“I have found your services to be most professional, yet personal and caring, with a real interest in your clients.  He IS a remarkable man, and I have appreciated the fact that you have tried to draw him out, via photos, conversations, etc.” – JT, Moscow

“Palouse Dementia Care has been a true life saver for my mom. Judy and her staff have made dealing with the challenges of aging so much easier for her. My brother and I have peace of mind knowing that mom is able to stay engaged and active in the community and home that she is familiar and comfortable with.”  – MJ, Girdwood, Alaska

“The “senior” is not just a number to Judy Cornish and the staff of Palouse Dementia Care. The seniors have their integrity intact while staying in their own home. The families know that their loved one is the best care available in the area. It is a win, win situation for everyone concerned. Wish all of us could be so lucky if our families face this very precarious point in our lives. What more is anyone of us wanting for us and our loved ones?” – MBR, Moscow

“I have worked with Palouse Dementia Care for over two years. As a licensed contractor my work involves making repairs, remodeling bathrooms, installing ramps and grab bars, etc., to make a home safe for seniors.  I have been able to see firsthand how Judy and her staff interact with seniors. I have been impressed. She always shows a deep respect for the seniors and a loving, caring attitude. I would highly recommend her services.” – JG, Moscow Idaho Contractor

Old photo of a client“Judy and her staff have been a vital part of making it possible for our mom to stay in her own home the last couple of years, and the help we received from them was superb.   They came over and cooked meals, did house cleaning, grocery shopping, and helped make sure Mom got to doctor’s appointments and communicated important information to us about health issues, and home safety issues. Judy also helped make sure that Mom got out for social events like live music performances.  And we never had to worry about the possibility of someone not showing up or being late; Judy and her staff were always prompt and reliable. I would (and have) recommended Palouse Dementia Care to anyone needing to find help with an elderly family Member.  Thanks Judy, Jessie, Sarah and Sydney!” – DP, Moscow