In Home Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care:
Living with dementia, happily

We provide in home care for seniors with dementia/Alzheimer’s in the Moscow, Idaho area, using person-centered care and strength-based dementia techniques (see the DAWN Method® of dementia care). We can help you keep your loved one at home longer, lowering costs and greatly improving their quality of life. Our case manager and dementia care specialists work with you to design supportive and safe care at home—giving you an alternative to assisted living and Alzheimer’s care in care facilities. For more about the value of strength-based dementia care, see Judy Cornish’s TEDx Talk, “The Dawn of Dementia Care.”

Reviews from Palouse Dementia Care clients

“I could not have managed without the PDC team of professionals! It’s like having a trusted family member on the ground managing every detail of care. I’m provided with updates daily, even hourly or minute-by-minute as the situation dictates. There would not be balance in our life if it were not for PDC and its DAWN team.”
Connie Gibb Reid, Seattle, WA
“Palouse Dementia Care and its DAWN care team made my father’s final years a positive experience for him. Once home from the care facility he became happy and relaxed—even joyful. He was able to enjoy our visits and interact with his grandchildren, all despite his dementia.”
Lance Miller, Vice President Resources, NANA Corporation, Anchorage, AK
“PDC and its DAWN team help elderly patients with dementia stay in their homes. The PDC caregivers give them autonomy, kindness, respect, and conscientious care. The people they care for have better physical and mental health.”
Stephanie Fosback, MD, Specialist in Geriatric Care