DAWN Dementia Care

Case managers and dementia caregivers trained in the DAWN Method

When someone has dementia, having a case manager close at hand is important. Dementia means deterioration, so care must be tailored to meet changing needs. Supervision is crucial. At Palouse Dementia Care, every client has a case manager as well as personal caregivers, each trained in DAWN® dementia care. We provide two levels of gradually increasing care, and regular status updates for families, so they know their loved ones are cared for and safe.

Dementia care takes training. People with dementia need to maintain skills and independence as long as possible, yet may not realize they are impaired. Case managers and dementia care specialists trained in the DAWN® Method know how to balance independence with safety. They know how to provide the emotional supports needed for dementia.

With the two-tiered support of DAWN® in home dementia care, your loved one can continue at home safely for longer. Staying at home means higher quality of life for people with dementia, and less expense for their families. Contact us to arrange DAWN in home dementia care for your loved one.

Located in Moscow, Idaho

We at Palouse Dementia Care offer our services in Moscow, Idaho and the surrounding area.