DAWN Training

DAWN Dementia Care Training for families and caregivers

Dementia is not a disease, but a condition that causes memory loss and confusion. Proper emotional support is necessary to avoid difficult behaviors, moves to facilities, and medication.

At Palouse Dementia Care, each of us has been trained in using the DAWN® Method, which is a proven set of tools to help people with dementia experience less distress. You and your family can learn the same techniques by taking the 8-session training program designed for family members. Please visit www.thedawnmethod.com for more information.

The DAWN tools are simple and their benefits are cumulative. You’ll find the first three help your loved one achieve emotional stability. The last four are quick, easy ways of helping someone with dementia experience wellbeing. Here at Palouse Dementia Care, we use the DAWN tools every day. We see our clients become increasingly relaxed and comfortable. You can use the DAWN Method to help your loved one or client avoid descending into a world of fear and frustration, too.

Every family and caregiver can enjoy the respite that comes with the DAWN Method. To ask about arranging training in the DAWN Method for your family, call 208.388.8898 or send an inquiry to info@thedawnmethod.com.