Dementia: Is Gluten the Culprit?

Research citations are drawing a link between risk for dementia and blood sugar levels and are appearing in our most well-respected journals. For example, a study published in Neurology in 2005 pointed a finger squarely at the most powerful metric, glycated hemoglobin. Even back then, it was becoming clearer that there was something going on with blood sugar correlating with rate of brain atrophy, specifically hippocampal atrophy, and cognitive decline.

Source: Dementia: Is Gluten the Culprit? –

How Seniors Manage to Adapt

Many older adults want to live independently, without relying on assistance from others, for as long as they can. But how often does that actually happen?

A study published recently in the American Journal of Public Health attempts to answer the question by examining how seniors adapt to disability, an issue that hasn’t received much scholarly attention.

Source: How Seniors Manage to Adapt – The New York Times Blog